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The most important thing to do after sustaining a low back injury or learning of a low back condition is to begin to improve muscle function. Bad back exercises can significantly reduce low back pain and prevent the return of pain. The back and spine can see improvement with specific exercises, many of which require very little back exercise equipment. Let’s go through each general region of the spine.

Low back strength exercises include those important for posture and proper biomechanics- the way the body moves. By adapting your back movements, including bending down, rotating, sitting, standing up, and lifting, you can successfully prevent most of the common low back injuries. In addition, strong low back muscles don’t always mean a healthy back. The trick is to have strong intrinsic muscles allowing sustained support during motion and activity. ‘Squats against gravity’ is a great way to start. Be sure to keep proper form and go slowly. Also make sure that the low back remains flat and the bending motion comes from the hips.

Upper back pain exercises are almost always related to posture. Having the right muscles holding your posture is the key here. Don’t allow your shoulders to round forward or slump, and watch out for your chin jutting out. When observing posture an easy way to note if your pectoral muscles have been overworked or are unbalanced with back muscles is no note the directions your palms face with your arms relaxed and allowed to hang at your side. If the palms face toward your legs then you are probably in balance. If they face backward then they are too tight and need to be stretched along with the back muscles strengthened. Remember, the best way to stay healthy and avoid injury is to be balanced.

Neck pain exercises begin in the upper back. Starting with posture, the chin must stay tucked in order for the neck muscles to hold the right balance from front to back. Cervical (Neck) curvature is also a very important variant that can determine just how effective neck exercises can be at preventing injury and improving pain and discomfort. Isometric exercises are an excellent way to increase strength while limiting chances of injury. The word ‘ISOMETRIC’ means same length. During these exercises movement should not be experienced. Using resistance one should contract the targeted muscle without causing movement. Repetition is helpful and rest periods should be used between 3 to 5 seconds contractions.

Back exercises are a wonderful way to make sure you are balanced. As always, a physical examination by a chiropractic physician can be a great way to improved health and wellness. We can usually get anyone in to our office within 24 hours of first contact and many times we are able to see patients the same day. Give our office a call and schedule an appointment today. We are also within 3 to 5 minutes of the I-15 freeway off the Draper 12300 South exit.