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We are focused on providing gentle, professional, high quality chiropractic care to the entire family at an affordable rate.  Our office is centrally located in Draper, Utah approximately one mile east of the I-15 freeway on 12300 south.

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Pregnancy Care

Wanting a pain free pregnancy? The use of chiropractic care during pregnancy is not only safe, but very effective at reducing common pregnancy symptoms.

Auto Collision Injuries

Are you hurting from a recent car accident? Chiropractic care is the optimal treatment for most auto collision injuries.

Injury and Pain Relief

Are you experiencing pain? Are you unable to participate in activities that are important to you or essential to your lifestyle?


Looking for the perfect complement to your current treatment? Interested in what acupuncture can do for you?

Massage Therapy

Wanting relief from that chronic muscle pain? Interested in trying out our amazing massage therapist? Looking for a release of life’s stresses?

Emotion Code

Do you have trapped emotions that you are ready to release? Are you feeling heavy or weighed down with negative energy?

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Pubic Pain During Pregnancy

Statistics show that 85% of pregnant woman experience pain, but less than half of those seek care.  As it seems most pregnancy pain is simply tolerated and endured. Because of the severity of pain as well as the impact on function those that have pubic pain seem to...

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doTerra Essential Oils

We are now providing our patients with doTerra Essential Oils. We have incorporated the use of essential oils into our practice and love the results we are seeing in patient care and in patient feedback. We have begun teaching classes in our office about the oils and...

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Headaches and Chiropractic

Do you know what the normal amount of headaches is for a one week period? Zero! Yes, that's right. Headaches are NOT 'normal.'  It is true that the cause of headaches can be something complex and serious, but often they can be caused by poor posture, diet, or stress....

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What can I say about Dr Reynolds? He has made my physical life so much better this past year. Without the help of his Chiropractic Expertise I would probably still be laying in bed unable to walk around. I hurt my back while playing basketball and after Dr Reynolds fixed me up I fell on the ice and hurt it again, only this time it was much worse. It took me about 2 months of going to see Dr Reynolds, once per week, to get back to normal but it was all worth it. Not only did he fix my back but while I was in his office he educated me on why this was happening to me and taught me how to make my back stronger so that it wouldn’t happen again. I have attended a few seminars held by Dr. Reynolds and I am telling you guys, he really knows his stuff. I have been to the doctor and to the chiropractor before but no one has been able to do for me what he has done. I have learned that chiropractors don’t JUST help with your back; they can help you with pretty much anything from your hips to your head. Dr R even knows a bunch about nutrition and he also has a lot of connections to other amazing people in similar fields such as massage theory and dietetics. If he can’t help you he definitely knows someone who can. Give him a try and I promise you will not regret it.  My wife and I still try to see Dr R at least twice per month just so he can keep us in line.

– Eli A.