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So you’re pregnant and you have low back and hip pain.

You are not sure what your choices may be so you ask your birthing professional about your options.

They respond by offering some home care options of a warm bath and stretching or maybe some Tylenol.

They then ask if you’d like a prescription for Physical Therapy. You ask if that has helped other patients and they respond, “not really, but you can give it a try.”

Should you just endure the pain? How long could 9 months really be, right….?

We have some answers for you here!! WE CAN HELP!!

We provide chiropractic care during pregnancy that is specific to pregnancy and is very safe and gentle. If you don’t believe us try us out. We have monthly specials for new pregnancy patients that keep your risk very low and allow you to experience what we can provide without much expense. (Call or text us for this month’s special)

The benefits of receiving chiropractic care during pregnancy are vast. They include decrease in pain, improved movement, reduced stress on the body and nervous system, improved sleep, proper fetal positioning, relaxation, and others. What are the risks and side effects of receiving chiropractic care during pregnancy? Mild soreness and a rare short term worsening of symptoms. Yes, the list of benefits far outweighs and outnumbers the risks or side effects.

The truth is that most women are unaware of their options when it comes to healthcare during pregnancy. They simply accept what their doctor (MD, OB/GYN) tells them. They assume that this is not only the best course, but the only course. Alternatives are not discussed, and options are seemingly disregarded as useless. You may not be aware of this, but your birthing professional is very very busy and may not be fully aware of the options that are available for each and every concern that may occur during pregnancy. Chiropractic during pregnancy is an safe and effective way to have your body improve its function throughout pregnancy. Treatments can be focused on pain relief or for promoting proper biomechanics while the body is going through changes. Either way, chiropractic care for pregnancy pain is a fantastic option!

So here’s what you need to do. Pick up your phone and text us. Yeah, that’s right. We communicate with our patients via text message. (You may also call, but texting is a fabulous way to communicate with us). Ask us about our monthly special. Choose your favorite time- whether that is later in the day, early morning, or even Saturday. No need to worry about a babysitter, we are all set up with toys, child appropriate media, books, and others distractions to allow your child to enjoy your visit with you- maybe even more… 😉

We are waiting for your text. We would LOVE to help you out and get you feeling, moving, walking, sitting, and sleeping better! If you’re still unsure check out our testimonials page. We are very happy with the results our patients achieve.

See you soon!

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