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There are limited resources for accessing information and statistics about chiropractic care during pregnancy. Our patients have reported wonderful results regarding chiropractic care during pregnancy, but few publications have research the matter. In an effort to consolidate information and identify thebenefits of receiving chiropractic care during and throughout pregnancy we have compiled statistical information here. Please note this information is gathered from many sources with varying degrees of credibility from scientific reviews to survey reports. Please contact our office with questions regarding specific resources.

Back pain during pregnancy

  • 50% of all pregnant women experience back pain during pregnancy
  • 50-75% of women experience back pain during labot and delivery
  • 21% of pregnancy women seek medical consultation regarding nack pain

Success rate of chiropractic care during pregnancy

  • 75%-84% of women who receive chiropractic care during pregnancy report relief of back pain
  • Substantial relief from back pain is experienced with an average of 1.8 chiropractic treatments.

Benefits of chiropractic care with regards to labor and delivery

  • Women who seek chiropractic care during pregnancy report a 24% shorter labor and delivery time than those who don’t seek care
  • Women who seek chiropractic care while pregnant with multiple babies first report a 31-39% shorter labor and delivery time
  • Breech presentations are reduced using the chiropractic Webster Technique with a success rate of 84%-92%

Postpartum care

  • It takes approximately 8 weeks for pelvic and uterine ligaments to return to normal after labor and delivery.

There are many ways to interpret the above information. What is generally clear throughout the research and data is that chiropractic care during pregnancy is safe and gentle. It is also considered successful and effective treatment for a variety of issues experienced during pregnancy.

Please contact our office to schedule a no charge consultation to answer any further questions you may have about receiving chiropractic care during your pregnancy. 801-810-4144. Please remember that we also have 2 offices to serve your needs- Salt Lake City, Utah and Draper, Utah.