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Reports show that there are over 6 million car accidents per year in the Unites States. The most commonly associated injury is whiplash neck injury. Most often these injuries surface immediately after the incident, but the more complicated whiplash neck injuries appear hours or days following the event. That is what makes this type of injury so dangerous- pain doesn’t always directly follow the injury.

If you have ever experienced an auto accident you will find that as you contact your car insurance carrier you will be instructed to visit a physician if you wish to be examined. There will be no recommendation. You will simply be told to find a physician if you feel you have sustained any injury. Unfortunately for all involved, the simple act of just “finding someone to look you over” is not sufficient direction to enable you to identify what type of healthcare providers are available or which may be best for you. This instruction may end up being more expensive for the insurance company and the individual involved in the accident if the problem is not address properly and treated efficiently. There is always more than one option. Chiropractic can be a source of neck injury treatment to help those victims return to full function quickly and efficiently while maintaining low costs for both the patient and the insurance carrier.

A common source of pain in the cervical, or neck, region is nerve pain. Neck nerve pain is commonly associated with whiplash, or auto accident injuries. This can be caused by the damage sustained to the other soft tissues in the neck such as muscles and ligaments, as well as injury to the vertebral column. Pinched nerve neck pain can be the source of any upper extremity pain, including shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand pain. The entire upper extremity, especially the cervical region, should be evaluated and examined when such injuries occur or when similar complaints are presented.

Other common results of being involved in a car accident include the loss of cervical curve of the spine. When this happens the neck is much more susceptible to further injury and pain. The spine has three natural curves found within it. The cervical and lumbar curves are lordotic while the thoracic (mid-back) is kyphotic, or curving the opposite direction of the other two. The origin of these curves can be explained through natural human development. We are born with a single curve- the thoracic kyphotic “C” curve. As we learn to lift and sustain our heads and neck the cervical curve is created. As walking and standing become part of our activities the lumbar curve is formed. These curves are essential in allowing our body to function and withstand biomechanical stress. If the curve is altered, postural loads and other minor stresses can result in pain, discomfort, and dysfunction. Restoration of the natural or optimal curve of the cervical spine is an essential part of neck injury therapy.

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