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As a Chiropractor I occasionally get asked about the safety of the treatment I provide. For years the public perception of chiropractic was at least mildly skeptical about the safety and efficacy of the care offered. Chiropractic care, when used appropriately and given by a trained professional, is very safe and frequently the most effective form of care. Yet I do understand the concern of patients who have never received treatment and who may have heard horror stories from their aunt’s cousin’s neighbor’s family physician about how ‘dangerous’ chiropractors can be. We have seen many first time patients in our office who appear nervous or even tell us as much. Without fail before they leave they are smiling and happy about their experience. Our treatment is safe, especially when compared to other treatments such as pharmaceuticals or surgery. I pride myself on providing explanations on the treatment I am providing during the visit. Sometimes the best cure for fear is knowledge and experience.

As it relates to pregnancy care, I am certified in the Webster Technique: a type of treatment that was created specifically for pregnancy. It is very safe and quite effective in many ways including reducing pain, improving mobility and sleep quality/quantity, supporting proper fetal positioning (breech reduction), and others. There have been no reported cases where Webster technique treatment has resulted in injury or harm to the mother or fetus. Is it true that there are some patients who may report a short term mild increase in pain? Yes, but when treated properly- including providing the patient with proper home care exercises and stretches- these symptoms reduce rather dramatically almost always within the first 1-3 visits. We do educate patients on how to provide proper feedback at each of their follow up visits to be sure we are providing the most effective treatment and advice. Truthfully, the biggest change or alteration to the initial treatment is correcting the patient’s attempt to follow the home care advice.

The feedback we have received from our patients- and that we are very happy about- is that we listen to them. We take the time to be sure we know what they are asking for and what they need. Helping an expecting mother is one of the joys of my profession. To be a part of her experience AND to be such a help is a very rewarding experience for me and my staff. It might sound cliche because of our practice name, but we really do feel like our patients are family. If you or a loved one is pregnant and struggling with any type of pain or discomfort please contact our office. We would be more than happy to sit down and discuss how we can help assist them is making their experience of pregnancy more enjoyable and free from pain and restriction.