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Who hasn’t heard the myth that once you see a chiropractor you’ll have to keep going back for the rest of your life.

Most chiropractic patients arrive at their doctor’s office with months or years of problems. They are in pain and just want to get relief. Most often it hasn’t dawned on them that their condition is a result of months or years of habits, behaviors, and stress that have allowed pain to result. This can even be true when the source of the pain is an acute injury.

Chiropractic is a unique profession. Our philosophies and protocols differ from the traditional allopathic approach. We do not proclaim that all your problems can be cured with a magic little pill. We do not suggest that we go ahead and open you up to see if there is something we can find wrong with you. We much prefer to help you make small changes to lifestyle, posture, or biomechanics that can help result is significant changes.

When determining how many visits or treatments one might need there needs to be an understanding about expected outcomes. Which of the following is your purpose for treatment?

  • I want to find out if this pain is serious
  • I want pain relief only
  • I want to do something I currently am unable to do because of pain/discomfort (i.e. play with kids, golf, ski, sleep)
  • I want to be healthy & well
  • I want to stay healthy & well

Those who are seeking to be healthy and well and to stay that way will find that chiropractic can be a fantastic source for assistance towards that goal and may seek care throughout their life. Those who simply want pain relief may simply choose to be treated a handful of times. The key here is that the patient determines what their purpose for treatment is.

So, how many visits do you need? You decide. But first, come see how we can help you.

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