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Many of our pregnant patients list hip pain as a complaint at their initial visit. Because I do not believe that pain during pregnancy is ‘normal’ or ‘just needs to be endured’ I take it upon myself to help each patient to recognize the source of their pain. I also help them to identify what they are doing to either cause or exacerbate the problem. It is true that hip pain during pregnancy is not uncommon. Yet there are solutions to this problem. I am more than happy to give options to anyone who is experiencing hip pain or pain of any kind during pregnancy.

I generally see 3 different types of hip pain- low back pain slightly to the side, pain almost exactly on the side of the leg or hip, or pain on the front of the hip (which can also be deep). Each of these complaints can have different origins. Almost without exception I find that the patient has some bad habits that are causing the hip pain. Our treatment is specific for all 3 types of hip pain. It is also my role to coach the patient in identifying what it is that makes that pain worse- usually posture related- and eliminate it.

The word seems to be getting out, but it is traveling very slowly. Chiropractic care during pregnancy can be life saving! I’m not speaking of life and death, but of saving or preserving the functionality or lifestyle of the pregnant woman- HER ABILITY TO FUNCTION. It is also important to find a chiropractor who is certified and specialized in working with pregnancy women. I have seen fantastic results for those whom I treat during pregnancy. The most common benefits that are reported back to me include pain relief, increased mobility, increased quality time with family, improved sleep quality and duration, proper fetal position, decreased labor and delivery times, and an overall increase in happiness about the pregnancy experience.

The worse thing to do at this point is to ‘wait until you can’t handle it anymore.’ We can provide you with help now and likely be able to decreased your need for treatment later on which, in turn, will decrease your costs as well. We also provide each patient with specific home care. If you are pregnant (or someone you know is pregnant) please do not hesitate. Call or TEXT us at 801-810-4144 to schedule an appointment. Our office hours are setup to be able to accommodate most schedules without complication.