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Breech presentation is when the fetus (or baby) is not in a vertex-or head down- position. There are different fetal positions that are considered to be breech. The concern is that when the fetus is not in a head down position the rate of complications for the child during delivery multiplies. Many birthing professionals will not allow an expecting mother to deliver vaginally if the fetus is in a breech position and require that the baby be delivered via Cesarean section (or C- section). Most often fetal positioning isn’t focused on until after 35 weeks gestation. Breech presentation becomes a serious concern after 37 weeks.

We see many pregnant patients who come to our office in hopes of correcting a breech baby positioning. We have been able to find much success in helping these expectant mothers. We do not provide treatment to the baby, but we focus on the mother’s pelvic posture and positioning while reducing ligamentous and muscular tension. In short, we provide care for mom which helps baby’s position by improving pelvic positioning. Patient have reported back to us with a success rate above 80%.

If you are pregnant and have been told your baby is in a breech position we would love to help you out. The technique we utilize- The Webster Technique- was originally created to help reduce breech presentation. It focuses on the position of the sacrum and includes gentle release procedures for the round ligaments and the surrounding muscles. It is very safe (even for patients on bed rest) and gentle. It is the same technique we use for all of our pregnant patients to help provide pain relief, improve movement, enhance the quality of sleep, and shorten labor and delivery times. We also find that patients who use our services earlier in pregnancy (before 34 weeks) avoid breech complications altogether.

For optimum results of reducing a breech presentation we recommend a minimum of 3 treatments. We also recommend that patients continue receiving treatment throughout the remainder of their pregnancy at a rate of one visit per week. This helps to support the fetus remaining in the optimal position and frequently provides the mother with additional benefits. It is very satisfying to hear back from patients about other benefits of their care after proper fetal position has been attained.

If you have questions about how we can assist you please don’t hesitate to contact our office via TEXT, phone, or in person. Ask about special offers we have for pregnant patients and please pass the word along that their is treatment available for pregnant mothers who have pain, can’t sleep, struggle to walk without pain, or whose babies are breech. Contact us now to schedule.