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Have you ever experienced back pain in the morning? Do you wake up and struggle to get yourself out of bed because of pain? Have you tried different ‘miracle remedies’ for back pain but have never found a solution? Don’t give up. There is always hope. Let’s first help you find what the source (or sources) of your pain is, then we can look for solutions.

We need to address your sleeping position, your mattress, your pillow, your sleep habits, and some of your basic everyday habits or lifestyle during the waking portion of your day. You may need to spend a few days paying closer attention to yourself, your habits, and your posture or body positioning to be able to isolate the best possible solution to your back pain in the morning. This article is not intended to diagnose or treat any condition or disease. It is simply meant to help provide options or solutions that the consumer can contemplate or ask his or her healthcare provider about.

As far as the mattress goes, you may want to try different types of mattresses to find which best suits you. Most mattress sellers allow for a money back trial. Don’t just search for the mattress that feels the softest or most comfortable on first contact. In fact, for ‘bad backs’ we find that firmer mattresses provide much better results. Some of the more popular brands are sleep number, temperpedic, and intellibed. These are sometimes priced higher and you may be able to find an improvement in your sleep by using a less expensive brand.

If your back pain is a lower back issue than consider your sleeping position. If you sleep on your back you may need to better support your lumbar (low back) spinal curve by placing a firm pillow under your knees. This lessens the pressure on the lumbar spine and allows for easier sleep. If you sleep on your side you will need to use that same pillow, but place it between your knees. This will decrease the chances that you are causing a rotation in your lower lumbar vertebrae which may be the source of your morning pain. If you are sleeping on your stomach your first step is to learn how to sleep on your side or your back. Your back and neck with thank you in the long run as this position is very strenuous on all portions of your spine.

The steps listed above are good things to be aware of when trying to overcome back pain in the morning. Yet the most beneficial thing you could do for your pain is to seek chiropractic care. We help our patients address each of these issues as well as inspecting the spine and muscles to help identify what the main issues are. Chiropractic adjustments are also very effective at decreasing pain, increasing mobility, and improving healing. Our office can also provide you with exercises and stretched that reduce back pain, promote spinal health, and empower the patient as to which habits may be helpful and which to avoid. Home care exercises are always included with our treatments. Call 801-810-4144 to schedule an appointment today. Don’t delay your care. You will be glad you spent the effort to help yourself awake refreshed and pain free each day.