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What is The Webster Technique?

The Webster technique is based upon removing tension and torsion from within the pelvis, including its bony structures, ligaments, and muscles. Doing so reduces strain on the fetus and provides the expecting mother relief from low back and pelvic pain during pregnancy. Dr. Reynolds has been certified to practice the Webster Technique. This technique is specifically designed for the treatment of pregnant women. It has been proven safe and is gentle.

The Webster Technique Can Help Prevent Breech Birth

Although Webster technique does not claim to treat breech births, it has been shown to be approximately 85% successful in helping to prevent breech birth presentations by reducing intrauterine constraint. This is accomplished by correcting sacral misalignment and promoting proper biomechnics within the pelvis. When this is accomplished, the ligaments, muscles, and bony structures are allowed to function without undue tension, thereby allowing for proper fetal movement. It has also been helpful in reducing other complications during labor and delivery and helping to make that process go more smoothly and naturally. In addition to being certified in the Webster Technique, Dr. Reynolds is proficient in the use of other various techniques to provide all necessary therapies to assist expecting mothers during maternity and throughout motherhood.

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For additional information of the Webster Technique and its origin please visit www.icpa4kids.com.