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Cammie Jo

Happy Client

“For all you Pregnant Ladies out there . . . LISTEN UP! I was expecting my 3rd child and I found out at 36 weeks that he was breech and I would have to have a c-section if he did not flip. I was worried and stressed because my 2nd child was breech and I had to have an emergency c-section. I DID NOT want to do that again! I very much wanted to have a vaginal birth. I was having some extreme back pain as well, extreme meaning it hurt just to walk. Since I had a few weeks till the due date I did some research online to see how I could get my baby to turn naturally. I learned about the Webster Technique used by Chiropractors. There were lots of success stories and I found Dr. Reynolds via online under a list of Chiropractors certified in the Webster Technique.

I was 37 weeks when I first saw Dr. Reynolds. He was very positive and optimistic about getting my baby to flip. He explained to me that babies want to be head down but sometimes the mother’s body is so tight, uncomfortable, and in pain that the baby cannot flip and he would help alleviate, relax, and loosen the lower back area and joints to allow the baby to flip naturally. After just two visits my pain had subsided dramatically! I could walk with very little pain! And after my third visit my baby FLIPPED! The babies head was down and I was so happy, excited, and very grateful for Dr. Reynolds. I continued to see Dr. Reynolds through the last few weeks of my pregnancy so that I would stay pain free and comfortable for the birth. My beautiful baby boy came and I was able to deliver the way I wanted all because of Dr. Reynolds help.

Dr. Reynolds is a wonderful chiropractor. He truly cares for his patients, very professional, great at his job, knowledgeable, and really listens to you. I continue to see Dr. Reynolds now even when I’m not pregnant for back pain. He helped tremendously with the pain and uncomfortableness associated with pregnancy and above all he helped my breech baby to flip. I will be seeing Dr. Reynolds through all my future pregnancies!”

-Cammie Jo


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November 12, 2013

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