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One of the most common pains during pregnancy is usually not complained about. Most, if not all, pregnant women experience pain or stretching just below the belt line and a few inches to either side. It will act like a catching or stretching pain in the morning while trying to roll over or sit up. This is Round Ligament pain.

The round ligament is attached from the uterus to the anterior (or front) abdominal wall. It starts out relatively small, but grows dramatically and will be much larger and longer by the end of pregnancy. It grows to be able to keep up with the growing size of the uterus. While the uterus grows the round ligaments can become very taut (or stretched) and cause a catching sensation when trying to move. Most women excuse this a ‘normal pregnany pain’ and just accept that it will go away after they deliver. They are correct in that it is normal, but there is help to reduce that pain or discomfort as well as avoiding the consequences for having those ligmanets become too tight.

So why is it a good thing to help those ligaments relax? Because those ligaments can be the source of low back pain! If they are tight it can cause additional tension inside the pelvis and may result in intrauterine constraint. In some cases this may contribute to improper fetal (baby) position for birth. When these ligaments are allowed to relax there is less stress on the uterus and low back pain can be reduced or eliminated.

If you are pregnant and are experiencing any pain- even if you think it is ‘normal pregnancy pain’- please contact our office to schedule an appointment. We have amazing discounts for first time pregnancy patients and would love to explain to you how we can be of assistance to you- not only through our treatment, but also with education and home care advice. We specialize in pregnancy chiropractic care and are certified with the Webster Technique which focuses on the pelvis.

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