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If you are concerned about bringing your children with you for your chiropractic appointment you can rest at ease. We are prepared and set up to help keep your little ones occupied and safe while you receive your care! Our office is stocked with just enough toys to keep the kids busy and out of your hair without causing too much of a mess. We also have the resources to distract them with child appropriate media entertainment such as movies or music. All of this is targeted to provide you with 10-20 minutes of freedom so that you can enjoy your treatment. We could probably even keep your spouse busy as well… 😉

If you have any questions about the care we provide or the benefits of our care please contact our office or search the testimonials page of our website. Our goal is always to put the patients’ needs first and provide top quality service at exceptional value.

We specialize in pain relief, posture correction, motor vehicle collision injuries (car crashes), and pregnancy care. We also employ massage therapy in our office. Call or text to schedule your appointment today! 801-810-4144.