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Dr. Reynolds specializes in motor vehicle collision injuries and pregnancy care. If either of these apply to you then he is the chiropractor for you. If both apply then please contact our office as soon as is convenient (we receive TEXT messages by the way) to schedule an appointment. 801-810-4144

For motor vehicle cases, he offers a no charge examination. That’s right… NO CHARGE.
In several scenarios, a couple treatments do the trick and the client is left pain free.

Take Jane for example. Jane was rear ended badly in October, which resulted in horrible neck and upper back pains. She found Dr. Reynolds online and came in after seeing our amazing reviews at www.reviewdrreynolds.com. After only 4 appointments Jane was completely pain free! Please remember results may vary. We are dedicated to providing our patients with the care they need and deserve.

This is only one of the many cases we have like this. Dr. Reynolds can definitely help, and sincerely cares about getting the patient feeling better, and fast. So if you find yourself in an accident make sure to come in for a free evaluation!