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Over the years I have had patients present to my office for a variety of reasons including chest pain. Sometimes the reason for the visit is to identify what is causing their pain. Sometimes they are in my office for a completely separate issue when they decide to share with me their ‘near-death’ experience. These stories/complaints usually include some type of medical intervention or trip to the ER. The most common thread between them is- “I thought I might be have a heart attack!’ Thankfully, I have yet to run into anyone who is actually having a heart attack in our office. (By the way- if you do think you are having a heart attack seek IMMEDIATE medical attention!) After the expensive tests have been run, all life-threatening concerns have been resolved, and the patient has been cleared sometimes the pain is still there. We have may the answers for you.

There are many conditions that can cause chest pain or tightness, left arm or shoulder pain, or even numbness and weakness. Often times we find that patients are experiencing symptoms that are caused by myofascial trigger points- ‘muscle knots’- that have associated referral patterns that parallel those of heart attacks. We also find that there is also joint dysfunction within the thoracic (midback) spine. These conditions are very treatable with conservative chiropractic care and some additional therapies that we provide in office. To identify what is actually causing the discomfort we need to perform an evaluation.

In contrast to the stereotypical chiropractic office we do not attempt to commit our patients to long-term treatment plans. We find that patients are able to improve their condition with office visits, patient education, and home care within a handful of visits. We do promote continued care to help improve overall wellness, but that is addressed after the acute phase of care has been completed.

If you are one of those afflicted by chest, shoulder, or arm pain please contact our office and schedule an examination today! 801-810-4144.