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Let’s talk about how to relieve neck pain.  Neck pain is a common complaint after a motor vehicle collision.  It is also a common concern among football players and other athletes.  Some individuals think that their best solution is to receive massage therapy. Although this can be a very helpful therapy other structures besided the muscles are likely involved.  The source of the neck pain needs to be addressed. This commonly includes a complete analysis of the spinal curve of the cervical spine.  If trauma has occurred each structure should be evaluated for injury- ligaments, discs, nerves, joints, and muscles.

Ligaments attach bone to bone.  They are structured to provide stability and do not receive much blood flow.  As such, if they are damaged they generally do not heal as quickly as other structures, such as muscles. Ligaments are often involved in any trauma injury because they are so important for stability and are positioned to support. If lagaments are injured it is referred to as a sprain.

Discs are similar in that they are positioned between each vertbrae and act as shock absorbers. They have a higher rate of blood flow, but do not possess strong abilities to heal.  If the discs have been damaged it often effects the nerve root that travel through the spinal column and exit at each vertebral level.  Often when discs are damaged and no care provided they can become the source of pain and nerve endings will actually begin to innervate the damaged tissue resulting in pain sensation being reported to the brain.

Muscles are like ligaments in that they are almost always effected with neck trauma.  They are also likely involved when the problem is postural or related to injury. Muscles also support the skeletal structure.  There is high blood flow through muscular tissues which allows for quicker healing time than most tissues, although the process can still be very painful.  If treated properly recovery speed can be increased.

Damage to joints of the spine can be very painful.  The worst thing for a joint is to stop moving.  When this occurs the joint begins to degenerate and make it more difficult to maintain function.  When examining the cervical spinal joints it is also important to note that a range for proper curvature exists.  If the curve is significantly decreased or even reversed the neck will be more susceptible to injury and symptoms such as pain or discomfort.  Muscle pain will also be present as one of the responsibilities of the muscles is to protect against further injury by strengthening the area.  If muscles are relaxed without addressing the issue of the spinal structure the pain may increase instead of resolve.

All of these structures- ligaments, discs, joints, and muscles abenefit from receiving chiropractic care.

The best way to relieve neck pain is to receive chiropractic adjustments.  Then , follow up with an analysis of daily neck health habits. The effects of a chiropractic neck adjustment are many.  First, they can restore proper motion at each segment.  Additionally, inhibitory neurons fire to help reduce or alleviate the pain.  Muscles also are affected by adjustments in that they reflexively relax.

When evaluating the neck, stress must also be analyzed.  This includes physical, chemical, and emotional stress.  Physical stress can include posture and positioning while standing, seated, and lying down.  The emotional stress component is also very important when addressing neck pain.  This can greatly affect pain levels.

So what is the best answer for the questions how to relieve neck pain? First, contact our office to schedule an appointment.  We will walk with you through a complete history of your condition and establish a treatment plan that you can take part in and that will help you to find relief from pain and increased health. 801-810-4144.