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Do you know what the normal amount of headaches is for a one week period? Zero! Yes, that’s right. Headaches are NOT ‘normal.’ It is true that the cause of headaches can be something complex and serious, but often they can be caused by poor posture, diet, or stress. These causes are much more simple to treat and resolve.

We have had the opportunity to help many patients who are suffering from headaches by simply coaching them in their posture, restoring proper motion in their neck and back, and offering home care exercises and advice. This approach can also prevent the return of such headaches. The benefit of our treatment is that most patients see significant improvement in just a few visits. The feedback from our patients is glowing and many patients end up referring their friends, family, and co-workers in for treatment and advice as well.

One of the most essential evaluations involved with the treatment of headaches is posture- sitting, standing, or walking. The stress involved in the patient’s use of the head and neck must be addressed in order to provide lasting relief from headaches. Many physicians prefer the use of medications or simple office care to reduce headaches, but home care and evaluation of habits needs to be examined by both the physician and the patient. As the patient is involved they will begin to pay attention to improper positioning or posture and be able to identify their own imbalances and habits. This will always improve the quality of care being provided as the physician has additional information to work with and the patient becomes actively involved in their own healthcare.

We have also found that many headaches arise from conditions or lifestyles that can also benefit from chiropractic care in other ways. Patients with headaches from motor vehicle collisions or pregnancy will find that they can enjoy pain relief in addition to many other benefits including improved sleep and increased overall sense of productivity. These patients are some of the most rewarding for us to help.

If you or a loved one is experiencing or suffering from frequent or repetitive headaches please contact our office to schedule an appointment or a consultation to find out how we can assist in providing you with an improved lifestyle free from headaches. Call or text 801-810-4144 to schedule.

Dr. Reynolds is a pregnancy certified Chiropractic Physician with additional training in Motor Vehicle Collision Injuries and Cold Laser Therapy.