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There seems to be so many questions regarding auto insurance following an accident (or collision). Most people who are not seriously injured seem to take care of their vehicle first without thought as to their own health or wellness. This is understandable. What is very interesting to note is that so few people understand their own auto insurance coverage. Here are a few of the most common questions regarding an auto collision injury.

  • “Should I (or can I) see a doctor?”
  • “What is it going to cost me?”
  • “Will my insurance cover the exam?”
  • “Which is the best type of professional to see?”
  • “How long should I wait to be treated?”
  • “How much treatment will my insurance cover?”
  • “Do I need a personal injury lawyer?”

Many patients that contact their claims adjuster after a collision come away thinking that medical expenses will not be covered. This can be due to the verbage used by the insurance adjuster. Phrases such as “not guarenteed,” or “the decision is yours,” can ceate a concern. Do not be alarmed by these type of statements. A physical examination will almost always be covered by an auto insurance company following an auto collision to verify that there is no serious injury or that potential health issues are identified. Insurance companies do not like to pay out for treatment when there is little evidence of such damage. They need to see that the treatment being provided is medically reasonable. As such, they will do their best to reduce their payout.

As far as options for treatment, chiropractic is a great choice. We will be able to best identify and treat injuries that are sustained in an auto collision injury. We will also provide you with home care exercises to help restore your function to pre-injury status. You do not need to wait for any particular amount of time before receiving an examination. It may be best contact our office as your earliest convenience to begin thed diagnosis and treatment process quickly.

My advice to everyone is to be aware of your insurance coverage now- before you are involved in any type of injury. Find an insurance agent that is willing to spend the time with you to help you understand what coverage you are paying for, not just someone who can get you the ‘lowest rate” (aka weakest coverage). Additionally, understand what PIP (personal injury protection) is and what is might cost to raise it above the state minimum. It may just be a matter of $5 over a 6 month period to have your PIP coverage raised from $3,000 to $10,000.

To further explain, PIP- Personal Injury Protection- is the amount that you are covered for in any auto collision injury that is medically reasonable or necessary. This includes any related chirorpractic, medical, x-ray, rehabilitation, surgical, ambulance, or hospital expenses. This amount also includes any lost wages. The total amount can be quickly exhausted in one trip to the hospital in an ambulance with no treatment provided. All this should be taken into account now as to where to set your PIP coverage.

If any of this information seems confusing please consult a personal injury lawyer who can explain the details more fully. Please contact our office for a list of Attorneys whom we recommend in the Salt Lake Valley area, including Draper and Salt Lake City.