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Reduce the Stress of Auto Collisions

Auto collision are stressful enough. There are so many hassles to deal with – insurance companies, conflicts with the other party, attorneys, and so much more. If you’re lucky enough to walk away from an auto collision, whether you feel pain or not, your body has been through trauma. If you’re experiencing pain following a car accident, you need to seek chiropractic care immediately. However, even if you aren’t currently feeling any pain, if left untreated, hidden auto collision injuries creep up and cause you trouble later in life.

At Family Chiropractic and Wellness, we are your Draper Chiropractor that specializes in auto collision injury care. Dr. Reynolds has received special training in treating the spine following the trauma of an auto collision. The following are the reasons why you should call us TODAY if you’ve been in an auto collision.

9 Reasons to Get Chiropractic for Potentially Hidden Auto Collision Injuries

1. Specialized Treatment Plan

Dr. Reynolds will conduct a full workup to see how your spine has been affected by the collision. He will then make recommendations about what your treatment needs are from there.

2. Non-Invasive Treatment

Our treatment model does not involve invasive methods, such as surgery or potentially addictive prescriptions. Dr. Reynolds recommends a regimen of regular chiropractic care, combined with therapeutic massage, yoga, and other holistic methods, to help your body heal itself.

3. Pain Relief

With consistent chiropractic care for your back pain, neck pain, or other injuries, you will be set on a course for recovery from the injury and pain caused by the auto collision.

4. Reduced Inflammation

When the spine and other joints are properly aligned, and your nerves function as they should, your body’s biomechanics return to normal. This stops the production of neuropeptides, which can help reduce inflammation.

5. Reduced Scar Tissue

Dr. Reynolds uses KT Tape helps stretch scar tissue by placing the tape across the skin along the side of the scar, moving in the direction of scar tissue movement restriction. According to Dr. Steven Schwartz, “KT Tape gently lifts the skin, decreasing the pressure applied to the tissue underneath. This allows fluid to easily reach the afflicted area, decreasing pain and inflammation. This stretching will also aid in the remodeling necessary for scar tissue.”

6. Restored Range of Motion

Lower back pain and neck pain can restrict overall range of motion. When your spine is properly aligned, muscle tissue is massaged and taken care of, and proper stretching occurs in between visits, range of motion can be restored.

7. Shortened Recovery Time

When you take invasive pain medications following an auto collision, they function to cover up the pain, not treat it. While this can result in more immediate relief, chiropractic care seeks total healing. This gives your body the opportunity to heal itself quicker than it will if you are using methods that function more as a bandaid.

8. We Will Work with Insurance and Attorneys

Connect us with your auto insurance and your attorney and we will work with them both to ensure you get the treatment you need to return to full health.

9. No Payment Until Your Claim is Settled

You don’t pay a dime until everything settles.

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