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Dr. Reynolds saved my pregnancy from becoming a “bed rest only” pregnancy. I have seen 6 different chiropractors, and Dr. Reynolds is hands down the very best prenatal chiropractor in the state of Utah.He was very generous with his time and would see me whenever I needed help. He knew exactly what help I needed specific to pregnancy discomfort and my history of back issues. I recommend him all the time to all of my pregnant friends. Ladies, take the time to go, you will not regret it!

– Julie B.

I am a mother of four and am now pregnant with my fifth child and this is the best pregnancy I’ve had thanks to Dr. Reynolds. I am now 32 weeks along and by this time with my other pregnancies I couldn’t even lift my leg to get in a car, not to mention that I’m usually on bed rest at this point. Well not this time! I have more energy and flexibility than I did with my past pregnancies.

And as a busy mother of four, I need all the help I can get. I would definitely recommend Dr. Reynolds for your chiropractic needs. He is very positive, professional and I look forward to my visits every week.

– Maureen B.

When I got pregnant with my daughter I was ecstatic. My husband and I tried to get pregnant with our second child for seven years. I think because we were so excited she was coming, I was willing a willing martyr and put up with an intense amount of pain from suprapubic dysfunction and excruciating SI joint pain. There were mornings I was in a rush and by the time I got to my destination, I was in tears because I could hardly walk. Sleeping was also excruciating and I was completely unable to sleep on my sides so the last two months of my pregnancy I slept on my love seat in my living room. I was prescribed physical therapy which was only mildly therapeutic. I gained more weight while I was pregnant with my daughter because I was so immobile.

Miraculously, eight months later, I got pregnant again with my son, but this time, running after a toddler and enduring the pain I dealt with only months earlier was not an option, so I was referred to Dr. Shaun Reynolds by my Obstetric Nurse. What a life saver seeing a chiropractor turned out to be! I paid an amount of money to see Dr. Reynolds that I thought was reasonable, but after having him see me for an unlimited amount of visits for that last trimester was an absolute necessity and I now know what a great value that package was! Dr. Reynolds helped me manage my pain and I was able to lift weights at the gym, able to sleep at night and move about in the day with very little pain! What a difference between the pregnancies! I gained 15 pounds less with the last pregnancy because I was so much more mobile! Totally worth more than the amount of money I paid!

– Liz O.

I went through two pregnancies with severe SPD and after the second pregnancy the symptoms didn’t go away. I had tried several physical therapists and chiropractors and no one was able to figure out how to help me nor had they heard of SPD before. After three years, I finally found Dr. Reynolds who not only had heard of the condition, but was extremely knowledgeable on how to help. I even got to the point that I felt well enough to go through another pregnancy! I still had SPD with my last, but it was more manageable and my recovery after the pregnancy has been a million times better!

– Jennifer H.

For all you Pregnant Ladies out there . . . LISTEN UP! I was expecting my 3rd child and I found out at 36 weeks that he was breech and I would have to have a c-section if he did not flip. I was worried and stressed because my 2nd child was breech and I had to have an emergency c-section. I DID NOT want to do that again! I very much wanted to have a vaginal birth. I was having some extreme back pain as well, extreme meaning it hurt just to walk. Since I had a few weeks till the due date I did some research online to see how I could get my baby to turn naturally. I learned about the Webster Technique used by Chiropractors. There were lots of success stories and I found Dr. Reynolds via online under a list of Chiropractors certified in the Webster Technique.

I was 37 weeks when I first saw Dr. Reynolds. He was very positive and optimistic about getting my baby to flip. He explained to me that babies want to be head down but sometimes the mother’s body is so tight, uncomfortable, and in pain that the baby cannot flip and he would help alleviate, relax, and loosen the lower back area and joints to allow the baby to flip naturally. After just two visits my pain had subsided dramatically! I could walk with very little pain! And after my third visit my baby FLIPPED! The babies head was down and I was so happy, excited, and very grateful for Dr. Reynolds. I continued to see Dr. Reynolds through the last few weeks of my pregnancy so that I would stay pain free and comfortable for the birth. My beautiful baby boy came and I was able to deliver the way I wanted all because of Dr. Reynolds help.

Dr. Reynolds is a wonderful chiropractor. He truly cares for his patients, very professional, great at his job, knowledgeable, and really listens to you. I continue to see Dr. Reynolds now even when I’m not pregnant for back pain. He helped tremendously with the pain and uncomfortableness associated with pregnancy and above all he helped my breech baby to flip. I will be seeing Dr. Reynolds through all my future pregnancies!”

– Cammie Jo

I was 36 weeks pregnant when my daughter went breech. I spent hours online trying to find ways to get her to flip when I came across the Webster technique. I called Dr. Reynolds and he was able to see me right away. After a few sessions and correction in my posture, my daughter had not only flipped into the correct position, but my back pain was pretty much gone. I was sleeping at night, and had more energy too. Dr. Reynolds helped me get through the last few weeks of pregnancy with ease. I only wish I would have seen him sooner!!

– Amber

What can I say about Dr Reynolds? He has made my physical life so much better this past year. Without the help of his Chiropractic Expertise I would probably still be laying in bed unable to walk around. I hurt my back while playing basketball and after Dr Reynolds fixed me up I fell on the ice and hurt it again, only this time it was much worse. It took me about 2 months of going to see Dr Reynolds, once per week, to get back to normal but it was all worth it. Not only did he fix my back but while I was in his office he educated me on why this was happening to me and taught me how to make my back stronger so that it wouldn’t happen again. I have attended a few seminars held by Dr. Reynolds and I am telling you guys, he really knows his stuff. I have been to the doctor and to the chiropractor before but no one has been able to do for me what he has done. I have learned that chiropractors don’t JUST help with your back; they can help you with pretty much anything from your hips to your head. Dr R even knows a bunch about nutrition and he also has a lot of connections to other amazing people in similar fields such as massage theory and dietetics. If he can’t help you he definitely knows someone who can. Give him a try and I promise you will not regret it.  My wife and I still try to see Dr R at least twice per month just so he can keep us in line.

– Eli A.


I have struggled for many years with chronic headaches, neck, and back pain. I have seen doctors who have prescribed painkillers, and nothing has ever helped the problem. It wasn’t until I began seeing Dr. Reynolds that I have had some type of relief. Dr Reynolds treats me, and each patient, with kindness, care, and professionalism. It’s such a relief knowing there’s another option besides unnecessary painkillers, and costly doctor’s appointments. I am so happy to have found someone I can trust, and know cares about how I feel. I now have fewer headaches, and far less back and neck pain. I would refer anyone who is looking for a great chiropractor to come and see Dr. Reynolds.

– Tiffany W.